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About ME

Whats is all about?


A passionate and self taught photographer with the technical know how of wildlife photography with an experience of almost a decade. Have gotten published in The Mail-UK, Nat Geo's Your Shot Daily Dozen and magazine, Nikon Asia's Instagram feed and more. I give talks and hold workshops at many functions & events. The recent one being a talk on my photography experience at an International Photography festival in the UAE "Xposure 2016" and still do at some get togethers which includes many media colleges , have had the honor to get my images in two exhibitions within the UAE.

Travelled across three countries for wildlife - India, UAE and East Africa, some places more often then the rest. 

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A few publications with NatGeo YourShot


Published in Chiiz - June 2017

A 4 page spread of some of my photographs. Page 30 to 33.

Click here to read the magazine online.

Published in the UK

The Daily Mirror

2nd May 2017 

Pg. 17

The Daily Telegraph

2nd May 2017 

Pg. 12


2nd May 2017 

Pg. 18

Cover Photo

Sanctuary Asia

April 2016