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Masai Mara Sep 2018


By: Rashmi Venkatram

Masai Mara the most awaited trip of our life was made the most memorable one by our dear friend Nimit . It was our first over sea trip and we were a little anxious as how a new country would treat us, but to our surprise it exceeded all our expectations!

We had a hassle free flight, we choose to take the Kenyan airways to and fro from Mumbai. We were received at the Nairobi airport and our stay was arranged at the Boma hotel which was extremely comfortable and served exotic breakfast. We had a 10.30am charted aircraft from Wilson airport which would land right in middle of the park! This was quite and exiting experience for all of us. We landed at Olkiombo Airstip and promptly picked by jeep to be dropped off at the Safari camp.

We camped at Mara Edens, and we are guessing it was probably the best place to stay at Masai Mara. The reasons that we would highlight for it to be the best place are-
1- for the location advantage its in, its right next to the Mara river and gives you the true experience of staying inside the forests. They have comfortable tent setups which is kept extremely clean and cozy. Each tent faces towards the river so that even when we are at the camp just relaxing we get an opportunity to sight an animal ! At any given point we could watch the hippos resting in the river, Nile crocodiles, Wild beasts, Impalas, Baboons, Wild buffalos and Topis. At nights we could clearly hear noises by lions , hyenas, jackals and hippos. It was a very safe place but at night it would be made safer as their would be night guards who would escort us when ever we moved around at the camp.
2- for the food they served! Each day's menu was set after consulting us and they made sure that we throughly enjoyed our food. Packed breakfast was also done with utmost care.
3- for the most hospitable staff they have ! Each an every staff is committed to do their best to keep the guest satisfied.

Highlight from the trip -
5 brother cheetahs walking together and scent marking.
Cheetah mother with 3 cubs aged about 12-15 months, also a quick action of hunting a Thompson Gazelle.
Giraffe calf being chased by hyena and later hunted down by Lioness, saw the struggle the mother Giraffe to save her calf.
Cheetah with 3 cubs of 1 month old.
2 big male elephants fighting
2 Male Impalas fights for a female and territory
Freshly killed zebra by a lion pride and vultures including a king vulture snatching away their share of food!
Other interesting animals to sight were Topi, black backed Jackie, hyena families, baboons, Fox, Zebras, Eelan, Water buck, hippos
Usually the driver and the naturalist are from the Masai tribe hence we get the greatest opportunity to explore and experience Mara better.
Visited the Mara village, this is something which can be avoided wouldn't suggest

Masai Mara is a trip every wildlife enthusiast needs to do ! Once again thanks a ton Nimit for arranging such a wonderful trip.

Ranthambore June 2018

By: Niraj M Wanikar


Amazing trip to Ranthambore with Nimit in June 2018. Learnt a lot about Wildlife Photography from scratch. Nimit is hardcore handsome mentor. He is an amazing personality. Never felt like meeting him for the first time. Hope to take this relationship to newer heights.

By: Rashmi Venkatram


Hey Nimit, wanted to thank you for the wonderful trip you organised for us to Ranthambore. As we realised if we book our trip early we get the zones with high siting possibilities easily. Though we had an initial hiccup of reaching Jaipur on time your driver waited for us and your team made sure that the trip was hassle free from then. The drivers who took us on safaris had excellent animal behavioural knowledge and hence we had good siting of animals. Now that we have got a taste of the way you organise trips looking forward to out Masai trip with you !

Masai Mara Jan 2018

By: Nadia Abdelmalik


I was really lucky to join an amazing photography trip to the Maasai Mara together with Nimit. Everything was arranged really well and we saw and photographed more animals than we could handle. Absolutely enjoyed our stay in Mara Eden Safari Camp and all the game drives that we went on. It was a week to never forget, thanks Nimit!

By: Evert Doorn


We joined Nimit to a Mara trip in January 2018. Everything was well taken care of and any questions were promptly dealt with by Nimit. Excellent camp (Mara Eden) which feels like a second home, and is located at a very central spot in the Mara, right in the middle of the action. The local guides are excellent and memory cards filled up faster than we imagined. We enjoyed every minute of it; thanks for taking care of everything Nimit!

Masai Mara July 2017

By: Surendran Chokkalingam 

* * * * * 

Had a fantastic trip to Masai Mara with Nimit. Well organized trip including safaris, accommodation and not to forget (head on shots of all big 5) great pics. Got exceptional sighting including 10 cheetahs (witnessed 6 hunts with 3 successful kills), 4 leopards, 30+ lions (4 mating pairs), 45+ elephants, 6 bat eared foxes, I rhino 🦏, Martial eagle 🦅 + unlimited herbivores. Best part was that we managed to get every species in full frames with no cropping required. Nimit helped to break many of my myths about wildlife photography and helped me to become a better photographer. Thanks Nimit and I thoroughly enjoyed your company and personalized learning.

Masai Mara Sep 2017

By: Vipin Sharma

* * * * * 

Been to Mara with family and all arrangements done by Nimit. What a time we have had. Nice and affordable rates with excellent place to stay and off road permission was included too. Made some amazing images for life time. Thnx Nimit.

Bandhavgarh March 2017

By: Nistar PS

* * * * * 

During March 2017, we had an excellent trip to Bandhavgarh Tiger Reserve, along with Nimit. For me, this trip was very special with several Tiger sighting, especially playful cubs on the tree.. All credits to Nimit for arranging this awesome trip - we had a real blast with likeminded wildlife photographers.. Looking forward to more trips arranged by Nimit 

Sunderbans November 2016

By: Hisham Ashraf

* * * * * 

Nimit Virdi - one of the best person which I ever met , he's an enthusiastic photographer and a cool gentleman who planned and well executed a great trip to sunderbans was a fantastic memorable journey , Nimit we are preparing for the next trip and you are the Captain bro - ALL THE BEST.

By: Rayees Rahman

* * * * * 

Was with Nimit to Sunderbans ...i was sure he wont dissapoint us. A genuine person with idea how to plan trip and what to get on for wildlife photographers. Highly recomended ...want to plan more again with you.. Keep updated...

Bandhavgarh Summer Surprise March 2016

By: Shishir Kumar Jain

* * * * * 

Nimit not only guides you as a photo mentor inside the jungle but also helps you a lot in post processing of images. Many people are technically really great but when it comes to passing knowledge, they are not that good. But Nimit makes sure that all of the participants are up and going with him and none is left behind. Met Nimit for the first time in our trip to Bandhavgarh in June 2016. Spend 4 days with him and it seems today that Nimit is years old friend. That is the one of the most important qualities of Nimit. Apart from him being technically a sound photographer he is humble and a great friend who is very approachable. Nimit bro, hope you remain as approachable as you are today in the future and success doesn't change this quality of yours. I am confident that you will be very successful and hope you will remember little brother of yours...........Best of Luck Bro.............

Multiple Tours

By: Althaf Mir

* * * * * 

I know Nimit for a good number of years. He has been a great wildlife photographer with clean and neat out puts . I would rate him as as one among the best upcoming photographers in India. He has been a great travel mate on our wildlife tours . Wishing him all the best for his future wildlife expeditions ..

By: Mohammed Salman

* * * * * 

I have been on many photography trips with Nimit and only thing I can say is that he is very very passionate about his work, he knows what he is doing and delivers on what is promised, taking care of everything from the photography sessions, food, accommodation and travel.He has a deep knowledge of birds and animals and the geography of the place, and his ability to spot birds and animals from a distance is amazing. He provides us with tips about the setting and composition to be used during the safari and review sessions afterwards. During the safari drives he is patient enough to wait for us to finish shooting before he shoots himself.He is very enthusiastic, cheerful and great company. The tours he offers are an excellent opportunity to learn and polish your photography skills at a great value for money.Nimit I am looking forward to joining you on your next tour.